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The Really Big Stuff

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For All Units That We Must Drive To Exact Spot Of Set-Up
Jumpin Beans has purchased a large motorized hand cart. IF prior arrangements are made and we can add that unit to your delivery, we can push the unit to its location within 50’. Please remember that these units are quite large and require a large area to push them through if there is a gate. Also, we must travel over a hard very flat surface even with the cart. There is an additional fee of $50 and is non-refundable.

Big Red
Big Red
Go big or go home! Jumpin Beans has added yet another cool addition. This unit is 90’, that’s right 90’ Long and 13’ wide. Make sure you have plenty of room for this monster! This unit also requires 3 blowers so (3) separate 20 amp breakers are required within 100’ of this unit. This unit can only be used DRY.
The first picture, below left, is the first part of Big Red (little red). The second picture, below right, is the first two pieces of Big Red (middle Red). The picture above is Big Red (all three pieces).
Little Red
Little Red
Middle Red
Middle Red
Dance Dome
Dance Dome
Definitely one of the coolest items Jumpin Beans has added to its inventory!
Massive 24’x25’ and an impressive 24’ tall.
Unit comes complete with a powerful bluetooth speaker to play your favorite songs AND disco lights inside unit. Great addition for a school event, sweet 16 party, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or just to have an amazing party!

Hippo Game
Hippo Game
The Hippo game is 30’ in diameter.

Inflatable Dart Game
This unit has two sides to choose from.
Unit is 22'x11'x15'

The Back Side of the Dart Game

Inflatable Bowling
Who wants a bowling alley at their next party or event? Huge inflatable bowling area with pins. Unit must be on a hard, flat surface.
Unit is 35'x 11'.
Inflatable Bowling
Goliath Football
Goliath Football
How about the most impressive inflatable football game ever invented! Jumpin Beans has it now. This unit has two sections. A kicking and throwing area. Entire unit is 20'x30' and a whooping 20' in height. Give us lots of room and 2 separate breakers within 100' of the unit.
Toddler Playground
Toddler Playground
This unit requires two separate 20 amp breakers within 100'. It is 25'x15'x11' and full of cool stuff to keep the toddlers busy. Two slides, tons of fun pop ups and plenty of bouncing area make this a hit for the kids.
Unit must be used DRY only!
Toddler Playground
Leaps & Bounds
Leaps & Bounds
Jumpin Beans out did itself yet again! This massive unit is a must have your your next festival or big event. You have seen similar items on your favorite shows that test the skill and balance of the participants. Climb the ladder and take a leap and don't stop. Check out our experts on the video and how they travel from ball to ball while trying to stay on top of the inflated balls. It may not be easy but it sure is plenty of fun.
The unit MUST be driven to the exact location for set up.
It is 40' long and 22' wide.

Unit must be used DRY only!
Check Out The Video
Our Zorb Track is 72’ of high energy fun! Two lanes seems easy until you hit the middle where the strongest or smarter participant will get the advantage. Race to the end and then spin around and get back first to win. Unit is 72’x20’ and MUST be used on a very flat, hard surface.


Check Out The Video
Hard Rock Wall
24' Tall - 4 Station Hard Rock Wall
4 participants can race their way to victory on
our newest addition.
Make it to the top and ring the buzzer.

Your group can have their own American Ninja Warrior competition. You can add one of our exciting Obstacle Courses and end with a Giant Trike Race.

Rockwall is built on a trailer so we must be able to drive to its location. Rockwall works best in a 20'x20' area. Comes complete with trained attendants to harness and supervise.

Wrecking Ball
Can you survive the Wrecking Ball Game? This interactive inflatable is an extreme challenge of agility and stamina. Two ways to play.
One person stands on the inflatable pedestal in the center of the game while up to four people swing the wrecking balls at them. You must try to duck and dodge the wrecking balls or withstand the blows all while trying to remain upright. Find out who can stand the longest inside the Wrecking Ball game.
The other option is to include joust sticks and helmets for two people to battle on the platform. To make it even more interesting, have two people joust as others swing the balls to knock them off.
Dimensions: 19’x19’x15’
Unit must be used DRY only .

Wrecking Ball Video

Do you want a game to challenge you? This game will pit two opponents against each other to see who has better balance. Try it and you will see that the biggest person doesn't necessarily win. Unit is rented DRY only.
Dimensions: 18'x18'

Monkey Motion Bungee Jump System
Unit can be rented individually or up to four stations operated at once. Jump 15' in the air! How many flips can you do before you come back down. 2 of the 4 stations shown in picture.
Rental rates start at $600.00 for local deliveries in the Daytona Beach area. Rates may vary depending on location, number of stations staffed and hours of the event. Please call for a quote.
Adult Sumo Suit
Adult Sumo Suit
These suits are just too cool. Participants put these on and face off for a hilarious wrestling match, just watch the video! Great fun to use and just as fun to watch. Minimum height requirement is at least 5' tall.

Boxing Arena
This is a full-size inflated ring complete with two pairs of huge padded gloves. Challenge your friends and see that this is no ordinary boxing match.
Unit is rented DRY only.
Dimensions: 18'x18'

Bungee Run
Take two people competing against each other trying to make it farther down their lane without being taken back to the start. The result is fun no matter who wins! Great for many ages. Unit is 32' x 12'. Unit is rented DRY only.

Fast Pitch Speed Cage
Another unique and exciting game to try. Throw softballs or baseballs to the catcher and see who has the best accuracy and fastest pitches.

Tropical Bar
Perfect to compliment your backyard get-together. Tropical bar can be used as a bar or serving area. Backside of unit has built-in ice bin and topside of unit can be used to serve food, drinks or use your imagination. Unit is approx. 12' x 3' and 7' tall.
Bar can be rented for just $99.00!

Ultimate Foam Machine
This unit can be used with or without the pit. We have two foam cannons or two foam machines that drop foam down. Either machine produces massive amounts of foam. You can add a foam Cannon or machine to the end of ,any assorted water slides for just $199.00 +tax.
Rentals include foam juice that can last up to four hours depending on output and usage. Additional foam juice can be ordered.

Foam Pit
Unit is 15'x15' and has a vinyl lined floor.
With this new pit, unit can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Rental comes with enough foam to do a typical 4 hour party.

Inflatable Race Track
This track can be rented for $150 when 3 or more Trikes are rented.
(See our Deluxe Carnival Games page for Trikes. Rentals start at $75.00 each.)
Dimensions are 23' x 42'

Dunk Tank
Throw a baseball, hit the target and the participant gets dunked in a tank of 500 gallons of water. This unit is built on a trailer and needs to be driven to the location where you want it set up. Rental rate is $199.00 +tax.
Additional delivery charges may apply.

Splash Tank
Victim sits in the chair and participants throw balls at target. Hit the target and person gets soaked. Unit needs no power but water spicket needs to be close by.