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Deluxe Carnival Games

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Interactive Light Challenge

Axe Throwing Game
Interactive Light Challenge

Ping-Pong Madness
Interactive Light Challenge
Interactive Light Challenge
Look at the newest item Jumpin Beans has added. Great addition to your next event or party! How about a fast paced game with lights to see who has the best hand/eye coordination. Set the length of time and hit start and watch the fun begin. Great game to play but also great for team challenges and audience participation.

Interactive Light Challenge - Night View
Night View

Hippo Game
The Hippo game is 30’ in diameter.

Giant Jenga
Unit starts at above 2' and can quickly increase to over 4'.
Game includes 52 pieces and all you need is players with steady hands.

Inflatable Dart Game
This unit has two sides to choose from.
Unit is 22'x11'x15'

The Back Side of the Dart Game

Under The Knife
Great fun for all ages! This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board... Uh-Oh! The patient's nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered.This surgical game is the life of any party or event!

Horse Derby
5 Horses make for an exciting race and tons of fun for both the participants as well as the spectators.
Dimensions 44' L X 30' W X 9.5' H

Another Picture

Inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe
This is a new twist on an old game. Each position has a basket with a value. Try to get 3 in a row or the most points. Dimensions 10'x 5'.

Inflatable Bowling
Who wants a bowling alley at their next party or event? Huge inflatable bowling area with pins. Unit must be on a hard, flat surface.
Unit is 35'x 11'.
Inflatable Bowling

Shooting Stars Basketball
This game is a massive. 16.5 x 15.5 x 16.5

QB Blitz
2 players take turns and see who has the better shots to go all 50 yards first. 12' x 12'
Our LED version is below.

Gooney BallEach player starts with 5 balls. The object of the game is to get as many of your balls through the black hole circles onto your opposing players side. This game may be harder than you think but tons of fun. 16' x 8'
Gooney Ball Side View
Gooney Ball Side View

You loved it as a kid and now you can have it for your own party or event. 12' x 5'

Our LED version is below.

PK Shootout
Two player soccer game. Unit is 12' x 12'.

Inflatable Baseball Game
The floating ball gallery has been such a hit we found two new games with the same concept but different rules. A plastic ball floats in the air as the player takes a plastic bat and hits the ball trying to have the ball land in one of the holes in the backdrop. Will it be an out, home run or other option? Depends on how good you can hit the ball.

Floating Clown Challenge
Two players compete against each other. The game comes with plastic balls that the players place over the yellow cones in the front of the game. The balls then shoot through the air and the object is to make baskets. This game is lots of fun even for adults!

Human Pretzel
Not your ordinary twister game. This unit is 13'x13' and comes with a huge spinner. Great for any occasion.

Cash Cube

This unit is fun and easy to set up. Unit comes with everything you need except the people. Stick is clipped on both sides so it is easy to change the settings for any skill level. Great addition for a Luau party.

Basketball Toss
Just plug in the blower and in seconds you have your own inflated basketball game. Unit comes complete with miniature basketballs.

Inflatable Race Track
This track can be rented for $150 when 3 or more Trikes are rented.
Dimensions are 23' x 42'

Giant Trike Bikes
These are monster three wheel bikes that are great for races or just to ride around on. We just got them in and all the people that stop at the shop love riding them.
Rentals start at $75.00 each.

Snow Machine
How about snow in Florida? This neat unit can be used with or without the snow man. Add our special snow mix and get approx. 4 hours of fake snow. Unit producing flurries of foam that looks like snow. Great attention getter or setting the mood for a winter wonderland!

Beer Pong

Birthday Chair

Splash Tank
Victim sits in the chair and participants throw balls at target. Hit the target and person gets soaked. Unit needs no power but water spicket needs to be close by.

Dunk Tank
Throw a baseball, hit the target and the participant gets dunked in a tank of 500 gallons of water. This unit is built on a trailer and needs to be driven to the location where you want it set up.

Rat Race
Take 7 rats turn them on and lift the starting gate. The eyes light up and the rats randomly start and stop. Cheer your favorite rat on to the finish line.

Big Feet Game

Gooney Golf
You can rent this as one individual carnival game or the complete 9 hole course. Units come complete with golf clubs and balls for a great addition for your party or event.

10 Foot Hi-Striker
10' Tall Hi-Striker

Sampson Hi-Striker
What an eye catcher! This unit stands over 6' tall. Take the hammer mallet and try your luck at ringing the bell.

Clown Striker
The Sampson was so popular we just had to get another striker.

Dino Hi-Striker
Take the hammer mallet and try your luck at ringing the bell.

Roller Racers
Great for almost all ages. Just turn the handle bars and the bike moves. Must be used on hard flat surfaces. Game comes with six roller racers.

Crazy Driver
Great table top game for any age player. Take the colored ball and place it by your steering wheel. Now the hard part is driving the ball on the plank and have it land in the hole at the end. There are three setting so all can enjoy.

Spin Art
A new version of our Spin Art. Always a hit with kids. Just turn the motor on and squirt washable, poster board paint on the card in the cylinder. Paint dries quickly for a great prize for the kids to take home.

Spin Art
Always a hit with kids. Just turn the motor on and squirt washable, poster board paint on the card in the cylinder. Paint dries quickly for a great prize for the kids to take home.

Roller Ball
A classic game of skill where you roll the ball over the first hill without letting it come back.

Glitter Tattoos
Rental comes with a trained attendant to apply tattoos. Approx 100 different tattoos to choose from for boys, girls and even adults. Tattoos last up to one week!